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Concept Centre Channel Speaker Stand CCCS Support All Design Copyrights@ Custom Design 2019 - 2nd Novembr 2019 (Patent Pending)

Custom Design's philosophy is to achieve business by product design and service success. Custom Design believe that design and innovation is pivotal to the on going success and one of the main reasons Custom Design have had a leading role in hifi furniture design since 1986. Social responsibility and best environmentally friendly practices are an integral philosophy, where ever we may retail our products in the world.

 Innovation is a major aspiration for Custom Design and one of the main reasons for our success over the last 33 years, drive by design and service. Custom Design believe there are several different speaker characteristics, some requiring assistance with bass frequencies, by adding initial mass and final mass quantities in the correct proportion. Then there is the dynamic approach which requires minimal assistance from the speaker support. Custom Design try to provide the best hifi furniture for every opportunity.

 After months of research and developement with the Concept Centre Channel Speaker Stand Support range Custom Design have now solved the equation and linked the correlation between initial mass and rigidity of the standing support. Hence the new transition isolation support combined with the new philosophty in the cross bracing format. Custom Design believe the Concept CCCS Centre Channel Speaker Stand Support provide a completely new personality and aesthetic appeal to HiFi Furniture design and performance when compared to the old, traditional vertical design support approach, they look decades apart.

The Concept Centre Channel Speaker Stand Support Range are designed with the concept of complimenting the speaker cabinet build. The correlation  between initial mass, rigidity and dampening system. The unique open frame design approach comprises of horizontal cross bracing to provide a unique single energy transition material from the speaker cabinet to the isolation point.

Designed to have the minimal inflence on the speakers characteristics and to allow you to hear the music the way the speaker engineer had original imagined.  At Custom Design we believe that possibly one day all hifi furniture will be designed and manufactured this way. 

The Concept Centre Channel Speaker Stand CCCS Support furniture provide a top plinth dimension of 400mm w x 180mm d with a service for custom built dimensions are available to your specification on request..The design also includes, as standard the Custom Design unique 16mm and 25mm IDG (interface dampening gasket) the 3mm laser precision cut transition supports, easy access, allen key adjustable M8 Zinc or Nickle plated base isolation spikes and when combined with 25mm ERW BS EN 10305-3  cross bracing a total open frame speaker stand support with minimal influence upon the performance of the speaker characteristics has been achieved. Providing a complete open performance, allowing the speaker cabinet to breath and resonate freely, resulting in greater separation and detail particularly to the dynamic range, precision timing and depth to the bass providing an overal quality sound performance.

Hifi furniture  designed for you home which Never Looked Better!

The attention to detail and focus, with which Custom Design are world renowned for, is clearly visiable in  the Concept CCCS Centre Channel Speaker Stand support furniture range. With hand finished transition supports, cross bracing supports available in black, white, Mercury, Chrome or Brushed Chrome finish, allen key, easy access adjustable M8 base isolation spikes and unique IDGs supplied as standard, for the best sound quality, all part of the culture at Custom Design and the attention to detail philosophy.

Custom Design believe they have created a unique, discrete piece of furniture designed to perfectly compliment the homes and listening rooms of our customers. The modern, contemporary Concept furniture range provide aesthetic appeal with performance.

Concept CCCS Centre Channel Speaker Stand Support - Standard option:

Top Plate dimension 400 x 180mm (custom built service available)

2 Transition supports available in black, white or Mercury 

4 Top Isolation Pads supplied as standard.

12 25mm IDG (Interface Dampening Gaskets) supplied as standard 

12 16mm IDG (Interface Dampening Gaskets) supplied as standard 

6 Cross bracing supports available in Black, white, Mercury, Chrome or Brsuhed Chrome

4 Easy Access Zinc or Nickle Plated M8 Base Isolation Spikes and covers

Height 400mm (16")  Not including base isolation spike (allow 25mm) - Custom Height service available on request.

Image:  Concept CCCS Centre Channel Speaker Stand Support Black with Chrome Cross Bracing - Floor Protectors optional extra

Image:  Concept CCCS Centre Channel Speaker Stand Support Black with Black Cross Bracing - Floor Protectors optional extra

Image:  Concept CCCS Centre Channel Speaker Stand Support Black with Brushed Chrome  Cross Bracing - Floor Protectors optional extra

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Concept Centre Channel Speaker Stand Copyright@Custom Design 2019

HiFi Furniture Centre Speaker Stand Coming Soon!

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