Speaker Stand Custom Built Open Frame Design

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Custom Built Open Frame Design

Custom Design have a skilled workforce with over 28 years of experience in design and manufacture of high quality Speaker Support Stands, Hi-Fi Support Tables and Audio Visual furniture.
We design and manufacture in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and if you have a design or specific requirement which cannot be fulfilled by our extensive range of speaker support stands or Hi-Fi equipment supports, then we can manufacture it for you.
We were asked by Hi-Fi Worlds Editor David Price to manufacture a pair of speaker stands to his requirements, please read his thoughts below.

Custom design extra special - One of the most common questions that users of classic loudspeakers ask us is, where can I get some decent speaker stands? The trouble is, virtually all pre-eighties boxes were expected to sit either on the floor behind the settee or - if they were lucky - on a pair of appalling castor-based contraptions which wer primarily designed to make the speakers easy to wheel behind the settee...These days, it s easier, as manufactures now recognise the stand as part of the equation, but there will still be times when a high quality, made-to-measure stand is required - enter Custom Design. Although the company makes a range of excellent off-the-shelf products, it can also fabricate bespoke stands to customers specifications. In the case of the stands shown, they were made for Yamaha NS 1000Ms, to take them 20cm off the floor and give a rock-solid support. The result was superb, these Custom Design frame stands getting a brilliantly firm bass from the Yamahas, and letting their midrange drivers breathe.
Their tubular design is quite reminiscent of the classic Linn Isobarik stands, being extremely rigid. Acoustic Steel sandwiching a polymer layer was used in parts, making the stands far quieter than they otherwise would have been. They can also be shot-filled too, and Custom Design can supply this at extra cost. Overall, the company displayed a superb level of craftsmanship - clean welds, excellent paint finish and perfect spike implementation made for a superb finished product.
If you've a special project in mind, or a bog-standard speaker you want a stand for, this is an excellent company to consider. Price varies according to the work commissioned of course, but they re extremely reasonable.

Hi-Fi World - June 2006 Reveiwed by David Price
Custom Built Harbeth Compact 5 Speaker Stands

Please visit our Acoustic Steel page to learn about our exclusive resonance vibration noise absorbing acoustic steel and aluminium platforms and supports. Learn which frequencies can be absorbed by combining our Acoustic SteelTop plate with Acoustic Steel Base plate and Inert Filler tested with a pair of the multi award winning RS 300 speaker stands.

Image: Custom Built open frame speaker stand design in black - Built to your specification by hand.

Image: Custom Built Harbeth M40.1 speaker stand supports at the Brussels High End Show in the room

 of Pinx Noise, one of 2 dealers who are stockists of Custom Design in Brussels. The other is Noir et Blanc

Image: Custom Built open frame speaker stand support in black image 3 - Douglas Gun April 2016

Image: Custom Built open Frame speaker stand support in black image 2 - Douglas Gun April 2016

Image: Custom Built open Frame speaker stand support in Black - Carl Beck Worth 20th December 2017

Manufactured from 25mm x 25mm ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel tube with M8 zinc plated base isolation spikes supplied as standard. Mass loading points are available on request and designed to dampen the

 vertical supports and top section. The steel frame is fully welded, hand made and hand finished available in black or white finishes. Contact us for details if required.

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