Hifi Furniture Definitive Acoustic HiFi 3 Support

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HiFi Furniture Definitive Acoustic Hifi 3 Support Range All Design Copyright © to Custom Design 2015

Custom Design's philosophy is to achieve business by product design and service success. Innovation is an integral part of Custom Design. One of the main reasons for our continued success over the past 28 years has been the working culture, combining engineering skills and technology.

The Definitive Acoustic HiFi Supports are exclusive to Custom Design and manufactured from our world renowed acoustic aluminium.. The 6.5mm hand finished acoustic aluminium shelves are part of our philosophy to constantly question and challenge ideas, embrace modern engineering techniques and materials. The Acoustic Aluminium and Acoustic Steel are the pioneering approach that Custom Design has taken to absorbing unwanted resonance noise vibration. Maximising isolation through resonance noise vibration absorption, converting the energy form to enhance sound performance. A huge improvement to isolation compared to the convential approach of hifi support stand design.
The acoustic aluminium and acoustic steel works on the advanced principle of constrained layer dampening, which is two sheets of the same material, found to be the most efficient ratio, then bonded together with the patented polymer system.The polymers viscoelastic properties converts kinetic energy, resonance noise vibration to heat. Thus preventing excessive resonance noise from effecting the performance of customers hifi equipment. Enhancing the sound performance, providing clarity, more detail with improved separation and an inky blackness to the bass complimented by timing and control.
The 4 corner, satellite supports are available in Chrome, Brushed Chrome, Black, Mercury or White finish, and combine with the 6.5mm Acoustic Aluminium shelves to provide a totally rigid, acoustically inert hifi support table. The acoustic improvements are substantial compared with traditional manufacturing methods and materials. The acoustic aluminium shelves are Laser precision cut, hand made and hand finished.

Designed as a traditional hifi support table, the Definitive Acoustic HiFi Furniture range have a visual as well as a sonic performance impact. The Definitive base platform provides a solid, rigid foundation with a unique 76mm ERW BS EN 10305-3 centre support column which can be massloaded to enhance performance. The extended footprint provides total stability with a custom service available for all sizes of hifi equipment,

 The Definitive HiFi FurnitureSupport Range provide a unique, acoustically inert platform for our customers who demand and require a more exciting, dynamic performance from their hifi furniture support table.

Custom sizes available on request.

Acoustic Aluminium Shelves - 595mm wide x 400mm depth x 6.5mm

iRAPs supplied as standard - F type 430 x 300

Satellite Support Spacings available as standard - 125mm - 150mm - 175mm - 200mm

Satellite Support Finishes available - Chrome - Brushed Chrome - Black - Mercury- White

M8 Base isolation spikes zinc plated supplied standard
Image above: Definitive Acoustic HiFi 3 - Black with Brushed Chrome satellite - 3 F type iRAPs supplied as standard.

Floor Protectors optional extra £19.99 set 4.

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