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Speaker Stand Support QS 104 Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2017

Custom Design's philosophy is to achieve business by product design and service success. Responsible social and environmentally friendly practices are an integral philosophy where ever we may retail our products in the world. Innovation is an integral part of Custom Design. Innovation is part of our company's culture and one of the main reasons for our success over the last 32 years, drive by design and performance.

The QS 104 Speaker Stand Range are a quadrifid design available with a steel open frame design with standard acoustic top plinth dimension of 190 x 240mm and with a service for custom built dimensions to your specification.
The QS 104 design includes, as standard the Custom Design unique 4mm Acoustic steel top plinth, the IDG (interface dampening gasket) and a 4mm laser precision cut base plate, M8 Nickle plated, allen key adjustable base isolation spikes and when combined with the zinc plated M6 fixing bolts provides a total rigid open frame speaker stand support, designed to the minimal effect upon the performance of the speaker characteristics.

The hand finished acoustic steel top plinths connect to ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel 25.4 x 25.4mm tube with IDG as standard for sound quality and as part of the Custom Design attention to detail philosophy.

Custom Design manufacture the world renowed Inert Acoustic Steel and Acoustic Aluminium products for total isolation. The QS 104 Speaker Support Stand Range are manufacture and hand finished by the craftsman at Custom Design.

Combining the ERW BS EN 10305-3 welded steel support columns with 4mm Inert Acoustic Steel top plinths and 4mm steel base plates , Custom Design have created a discrete, rigid speaker support stand with minimal initial Mass.  Mass loading points are provide below the acoustic steel plinths, and suggest mass loading the welded steel support columns with Inert Filler with 100g per column, then test the performance of the speaker, if the bass frequency requires more control then add another 100g per column. The Inert Filler adds to the initial mass of the speaker stand, maximising the performance of your QS 104 Speaker support Stands. We only recommend Inert Filler with all of othe Custom Design Speaker Stand ranges.

The updated, modern, contemporary QS 104 range have aesthetic appeal. The Inert Acoustic Steel Top plinths, interface dampening gaskets and isolation pads reduce resonance noise vibration, resulting in an improved performance and sound quality. Please visit our Acoustic Steel page to view the graph demonstrating which frequencies of resonance vibration noise are absorbed by each process and the combination of Acoustic Steel top and base plates with our specially selected Inert Filler material.

QS 104 Speaker Support Stand Standard option:

Top Plate dimension 190 x 240mm (custom built service available)

 Supplied as standard with  Acoustic Steel top plinths 

8 Isolation Pads supplied as standard.

8 IDG (Interface Dampening Gaskets) supplied as standard 

8 Inert Filler Mass Loading  points provided (only if required) 

Some Speaker designs do not require the influence of mass to the support, we suggest listening with no mass loading first.
Base Plate manufactured from 4mm laser precision cut steel.
M8 Nickle plated allen key adjustable base isolation spikes supplied as standard.
Height 610mm (24")  Not including base isolation spike - Custom Height service available on request.
Standard finishes - Black or White.

Image:  Acoustic Steel Top Plinth, Isolation Pads combined with IDGs.

Image: Inert Filler optional extra (Custom Design only recommend Inert Filler with the QS 104 Speaker Stand Range)
Image: QS 104 Speaker Stand Support 190 x 240mm top plate dimension - Black - Floor Protectors optional

Image: QS 104 Custom Built Speaker Stand Support 250 x 250mm top plate dimension

Floor Protectors optional Optional Extra

Image: QS 104 Custom Built Speaker Stand for the Graham Audio speaker Range

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