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HiFi Equipment Speaker Desk Top Plinth

HiFi Equipment Speaker Desk Top Plinth
HiFi Equipment Speaker Desk Top Plinth

HiFi Equipment Speaker Desk Top Plinth are a Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2017

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, that is why the Speaker Desk Top Plinths have been designed and manufactured from Custom Designs world renowned Acoustic Steel. which converts unwanted resonance energy to negligible heat. The synchronous vibration energy can be absorbed and converted, dampening resonance vibration, isolating hifi equipment and hifi supports

The Acoustic Steel is manufactured exclusively by Custom Design with a patented polymer to create a constrained layer dampening system.  Consisting of 2 sheets of different thickness, steell or aluminium which have been researched and developed to be the most efficient . This converts the reasonance to negligible heat by the creatation of viscoelastic friction .
The resulting improvements are significant and the versatility of the Speaker Desk Top Plinth enables them to be adapted to any furniture support or system for isolating hifi supports or hifi equipemnt requiring only 4.5mm of height.
Standardl dimensions are 165mm x 180mm x 4mm to compliment hifi and studio speakers, custom sizes available on request.

Standard dimensions - 165mm x 180mm x 4mm

Standard finish - Black

Images: Speaker Desk Top Plinth Supporting HiFi Equipment

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