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Acoustic Steel

Irap GraphSpeaker Stand Top and Base Plate Acoustic Steel has the extra ordinary ability to absorb energy in the form of resonance. The absorption rate is clearly demonstrated in the graph. Note all results are from an independent source. All tests measure the transfer of noise vibration from the speaker platform to one of the base spikes, i.e. it works both ways (vibration from the floor to the speakers or vibration from the speakers to the floor).

The 4 test conditions are:-

1) no damping or inert filler in column

2) Inert filler in column

3) Inert filler plus Acoustic top plate

4) Inert filler plus Acoustic top plate and Acoustic base plate

As expected, the results show a remarkable reduction in vibration response, which could otherwise "colour" the sound produced. The Y- axis is in decibels with 5dB steps. A 10dB change in vibration level is a factor of 3 (i.e. a 10dB reduction means that the vibration has been reduced to one third) and a 20dB reduction is a factor of 10 (i.e. a 20dB reduction means that the vibration has been reduced by 90%). 30dB = x30: 40dB = x100

The Acoustic top plate reduces the vibration by x100 or more over much of the frequency range. Adding an Acoustic base plate reduces the remaining resonance by a further factor of up to x100 (a total of x1000 at some frequencies compared with the inert filler alone).

The Speaker Stands used in the test were the award winning RS 300 with the standard steel 4mm top and base plates . Existing customers can purchase Acoustic Top Plates and Acoustic Base Plates as an optional extra to enhance the performance of their RS 300 Speaker Stand Supports.

Acoustic Steel Isolation Platforms or iRAPs are available to enhance the performance of your Hi-Fi and AV Support Systems.