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Desk Top Speaker Isolation Plinth are a Design Copyright © to Custom Design (Newcastle) 2017

Desk Top Speaker Isolation Plinth are manufactured from Custom Design’s Acoustic Steel. Designed to absorb and dampen resonance vibration by converting the energy form. The Desk Top Speaker Plinth isolate equipment from the supporting furniture by absorbing unwanted energy and that generated by the support. It does this through a patented polymer which is sandwiched between 2 sheets of steel (constained layer dampening). This converts the reasonance to negligible heat by the creatation of friction (resonance).
The resulting improvements are significant and the versatility of the Desk Top Speaker Plinth enables them to be adapted to any support or furniture system, only requiring 12mm of height.
Available in standard size of 165 x 180mm to compliment most desk top speakers (custom sizes available on request). The Desk Top Speaker Plinth offers clarity and separation compared to your standard furniture support. Resulting in inky blackness and depth to the bass, with a significant improvement in the dynamic range and detail.  Please view the Acoustic steel page to understand the unwanted frequencies absorbed by the acoustic steel and constrained layered dampening system.

Supplied with 16 isolation pads, 8 for isolating the speaker off the Speaker Plinth and 8 for the furniture support
165 x 180 x 4mm acoustic steel

Custom Built service available on request
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