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Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands

Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands
Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands
Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands
Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands
Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands
Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands
Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands

Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stands Custom Height Kef Desk Top Speaker Stands Custom Built KEF LS50 Desk Top Speaker Stand Kef LS50 Desk Top Speaker Stand Support Custom Made Kef LS50 Speaker Stands Custom Design All Design Copyright @ Custom Design 2018

Custom Design's philosophy is to achieve business by product design and service success. Responsible social and environmentally friendly practices are an integral philosophy where ever we may retail our products in the world. Innovation is an integral part of Custom Design.

Innovation is part of our company's culture and one of the main reasons for our success over the last 36 years.

The Kef LS50 Desk Top Speaker Stand support columns are manufactured from ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel and the centre support column can be mass loaded with our Inert Filler. The unique design includes a 4mm Acoustic open frame top plate and precision laser cut 4mm base plate designed by Kef, which combine to provide an isolated and rigid open frame principle speaker stand support with the ability to control and fine tune the bass frequency by mass loading the centre.
The Desk Top Kef LS50 Speaker Stand support range are available in Black or White finish, supplied with M8 easy access, allen key adjustable Zinc plated base isolation spikes and covers.  The Kef LS50 Desk Top Speaker Stand design provides a rigid and solid foundation for the Kef LS50 passive speakers which require a minimal influence from their support for a dynamic performance.

Custom Design sources all cardboard packaging from only PEFC or FSC certified companies. 76% of the cardboard packaging has been manufactured from recycled material which can be 100% recycled.

Rigidity is proven integral design feature which improves sound performance. The Custom Design philosophy  of multi column supports provides superior sound quality and performance over traditional single column support design speaker stands.

Custom Design do not use Aluminium in the construction of any speaker stand designs. The natural properties of aluminium prevent speaker stands from performing to the best of their ability as mechanical feedback can be prevented, just like over mass loading. Which will result in reducing the dynamic range and the depth of bass frequency.

Standard finish: Black or White 

Acoustic Steel Isolation Top Plate - 165 x 180 x 4mm 

Base Plate Dimension - 220 x 260 x 4mm with Cable Tidy slot system supplied as standard.

Height available - 210mm (not including base isolation Spikes 25mm)

0.5 Bag per centre support column of Inert Filler Recommended 

M8 Zinc Plate Easy Access Allen Key adjusting Base Isolation Spikes and Covers supplied as Standard. 

Top Plate Isolation Pads supplied as Standard

Floor Protectors optional extra

Speaker Stands HiFi Supports HiFi Stands HiFi Furniture HiFi Tables Designed and Engineered by Custom Design in the UK

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